Lists of Short Bible Verses for Kids

Short Bible Verses for Kids from the New Testament

The New Testament didn’t do away with the Old Testament, but it did fulfill it. Here’s a list of short Bible verses for kids from the New Testament you can use to help kids learn some important truths. In most instances we have included just a phrase from the verse in order to help the…

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Short Bible Verses Regarding the Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments continue to provide relevant guidance for living through timeless prohibitions against those things to avoid that can harm us or society. They also challenge us to pursue certain things that will make our lives more hnorable and pleasing to the Lord. Children should be encouraged to learn the Ten Commandments and commit…

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Short Bible Verses for Easter

Below is a list of short Bible verses related to the resurrection of Jesus. These short Bible verses for Easter make great Bible verses for kids to learn. They can use them as memory verses or as Easter verses for greeting cards. We have free scripture pages for some of these that can be placed on…

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