Thanksgiving Articles and Activities

We have compiled a series of articles to help parents and children's teachers take advantage of the Thanksgiving season and instill in their kids a deeper sense of gratitude. Included here are ideas for ways you can teach gratitude to children and celebrate the Thanksgiving season in a meaningful way.

Keep in mind that Fall isn’t the only time of year you can teach gratitude. This is a character quality that should be encouraged year-round. The articles and activities below can help. There are also free, printable activities that can help you accomplish the same goal!

Thanksgiving Day

To those who utilize the resources and Bible activities on Sunday School Zone, we wish to acknowledge our gratitude to the Lord for you. We currently have more than 50,000 people visiting our site each month and that number is growing. Our visitors literally span the globe. This says our work is making a difference.…

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Thanksgiving Bible Verses for Kids

Whatever else you may do to underscore the value of gratitude during the Thanksgiving season, one of best things you can do now or at any time of the year is to take your kids to the Bible and let them hear what God Himself has to say about giving thanks. As you might imagine,…

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Growing Gratitude

Hunter ripped into his first present on Christmas morning, his parents and grandmother eagerly looking on. With a squeal, he triumphantly lifted a remote-control Batmobile out of the box. “Just what I wanted!” he beamed. Hunter’s dad said, “Grandma gave you the gift. What do you say?” The boy turned to his grandmother and heaved…

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Gearing Up to Give

Thanksgiving rarely gets the attention it deserves. In recent years it seems that Thanksgiving has become little more than opening day for Christmas shopping. What a huge opportunity we are missing to slow down and help children understand WHY we give during the Christmas season. Generosity should be birthed out of  a sense of gratitude.…

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Doing For Others

We are teaching and raising the “selfie” generation. Perhaps this problem is as old as Adam, but our children today often are not only indulged, but over indulged. This can, and often does, manifest itself in angry outbursts, manipulation, shallow relationships, and a spirit of ungratefulness. So where do we draw the line? How do…

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Packing Gratitude

During the Thanksgiving season there is, quite naturally, a big focus on gratitude. Kids are often encouraged to verbalize their thankfulness in a variety of ways. Children’s Bible teachers can reinforce this message by challenging students to show gratitude with generosity and service. Out of gratitude for God’s provision, we can teach children to share with the…

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Fostering Thankfulness in Children

The Thanksgiving season is a wonderful time of year and provides a great opportunity to help children understand the value of gratitude in our lives. As Christian parents and teachers, however, we want to do more than simply remind our kids that they should say “thank you.” We want to foster a spirit of thanksgiving…

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Teaching Gratitude in the Month of November

If you’re like many Christian parents and teachers, you’re wondering how to help your children rise above the hype and think about more eternal things during this season. Here are some ideas to help you get a head start on the season by getting kids to ponder some things for which they should be grateful. Idea…

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