Articles by Mark Winter

Wind and Flame (Readers Theater for Children)

Readers Theater is a fun and easy way to introduce drama into your children’s Bible teaching classrooms. Readers Theater is a combination of reading and performance with no sets or props. No one has to memorize lines and you don’t have to dig through the costume closet. All you need is a script and kids…

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Drama Resources for Children’s Bible Classes

When it comes to teaching kids the Bible, it’s hard go wrong with drama. The use of drama, even a simple role play, can open up new perspectives when a more traditional approach might have become routine for the children. But where to start? The good news is, there’s no shortage of resources and many…

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Use the Power of Drama at Easter

As an evangelist specializing in costumed monologues, I know first-hand the power of drama to captivate people. When I began my ministry over 18 years ago, I had adults in mind as my primary audience – not children. As a preacher, that seemed to be the most logical audience. But increasingly, parents bustled up to…

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Christmas Mourning

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” – so begins the peppy holiday song. But for many who are suffering a loss, including children, the holidays are anything but wonderful. For them, Christmas morning will be a time of Christmas “mourning.” They will open packages they didn’t want or ask for. These “packages” will…

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Growing Gratitude

Hunter ripped into his first present on Christmas morning, his parents and grandmother eagerly looking on. With a squeal, he triumphantly lifted a remote-control Batmobile out of the box. “Just what I wanted!” he beamed. Hunter’s dad said, “Grandma gave you the gift. What do you say?” The boy turned to his grandmother and heaved…

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