Articles by Rick Edwards

The articles listed below have been written by Rick Edwards. Rick is a publishing veteran with more than 40 years of experience in ministry, curriculum development, and magazine publishing. He is currently involved as a speaker, author, and Bible teacher while managing a Christian publishing business. He is the owner and publisher of

Identity and Space and Time

We noted in a prior article that humanity is connected to creation because we are also created beings. This means we are subject to some of the same limitations that all of creation operates under. One of those limitations is the reality of space and time. Space and Time If verses 1 and 2 of…

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The Story of Who We Are (Identity and the Biblical Story)

The Bible tells a story. It is a story about God’s dealings with humanity and creation. It tells us a good deal about God Himself, but it also tells us a great deal about humankind and who we are. But like all good stories, you can’t simply “drop in” to the middle or end of…

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Babies, Identity Development, and Attachments

Identity development begins at birth, if not earlier. Ideally, the church should seek to influence the child’s identity at the earliest possible age, even with newborns. The fact is that we can influence the development of a healthy biblical identity from the first time the child is under our care. What’s important at this age…

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Identity Development and Early Christian Education

It’s possible to begin influencing the development of a child’s identity from the very beginning. This generally happens within the family, but other people and factors also influence this development for better or worse, usually without even knowing it. This creates an opportunity for the intentional church to begin shaping the child’s identity from the…

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A Biblical Identity Model

A biblical identity must, by definition, reflect what the Bible says (or assumes) to be true about people. (The Bible is not always overt in its teachings. When the Bible assumes something to be true, then we can be certain that is the case.) Creating a model of biblical identity provides educators, ministers, and publishers…

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The Surrounding Environment and Identity

As we have seen, there are a variety of major factors that will impact the development of a child’s identity. These include the God of the Bible, significant individuals, and the community within which the child is living. We would be unwise, however, to minimize or ignore the impact of a child’s surrounding environment that…

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The Power of Community in Shaping Identity

The Nature of Community At some point, children begin to develop an understanding of the nature of a community. A community is different than an individual and is more than a mere collection of individuals. A community has its own identity that can be shared and acquired by the child. A community typically has values,…

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God’s Unfolding Story for Toddlers

We are in the early stages of developing God’s Unfolding Story for Toddlers. At this point it’s too early to know when it will be completed, but our goal is to have it ready for release by October of 2023. We are currently thinking through foundational issues like… Articulating the educational and developmental philosophy undergirding…

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What’s Coming with God’s Unfolding Story for Babies

If you’re reading this, you probably are receiving the free God’s Unfolding Story for Babies Newsletter, which means you have expressed interest in the curriculum, whether or not you are actually using it yet. Thank you for that interest! We know the curriculum is new and people will be curious about where it’s going. So,…

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