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Teaching the Story of the Bible to Kids Workshop at Mega-Con

Kidmin Nation Mega-Con is coming to Nashville Tuesday-Thursday, October 1-3 and we’re hoping to see you and visit with you there! It’s not too late to register and attend. It’s a great event that can make a real difference in your ministry to kids. There’s simply no better KidMin conference around at any price and…

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Sunday School Zone - Children's Bible Activities | Sunday School Activities for Kids

Stories You’d Like to See Us Add on Sunday School Zone

Are there stories you’d like to see us add on Sunday School Zone? We try to add four to six new stories each year with a variety of free, printable activities for each. We currently have more than 150 Bible stories for which we provide free resources of some kind. We’d like to know if…

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“Lies” – By Eva Mae Gordon

My step-daughter, Eva Mae Gordon (my “bonus” daughter), is just barely 15 years old as I write this. She is finishing her freshman year in High School. Her innocence and sheer good heart is a blessing to everyone who knows her. She enjoys writing and has, this year, been in a creative writing class at…

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Free Support For Your Vacation Bible School

Sunday School Zone tries to provide the parent, Bible teacher, or local church leader with free, helpful activities and resources that support your Bible teaching ministry to kids. Vacation Bible School (VBS) is an important annual event in many churches that creates a great opportunity to reach new families and children in the community. Children…

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Be Encouraged, Mom!

I’ve seen a lot of change in my years. Among the biggest changes is how roles in the family are perceived. What doesn’t seem to change, however, is how we manage to universally love and appreciate our mothers no matter how the years may change us or them. Somehow a unique place of honor for…

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Keeping Easter Alive

So many things can be said about the resurrection. The biblical content alone is rich and meaningful. Then there’s the way your church observes and celebrates the events surrounding and including the resurrection. Scholars continue to study the history of the resurrection and discover new and wonderful things about it all the time. If ever…

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Mega Con Online, April 23-25

On April 23-25, Kidmin Nation will be hosting a FREE, 3-day online event for children’s ministry leaders called Mega Con Online. It has been my privilege to get acquainted with Ryan Frank* and Martijn Van Tilborgh* in recent years and I’m always impressed with the resources and events they provide for those working in ministry…

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Make The Most of the Easter Season

Sunday School Zone publishes free, printable Bible study activities for kids. We love knowing that every week children literally around the world are engaging with the Bible using our activities. We recognize, however, that very few children will actually use the site themselves. The vast majority of our users are, in fact, adults. That’s why…

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Not All Who Wonder Are Lost!

My wife has a t-shirt with the phrase, “Not all who wander are lost” scripted across the front. Our daughter recently hung a sign on her wall with the same phrase. It’s typical of the sayings we enjoy that encourage us to think. And yes, I suppose we all need to be reminded that those…

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