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Children’s Sermons

Writing children’s sermons is a great way to increase your exposure and experience as a writer. We are not able to pay for children’s sermons at this time. We will, however, provide a bio page for you and link to your personal or professional web site as appropriate. Sunday School Zone has a large and growing audience. Publishing on Sunday School Zone can be a great way to increase your visibility and strengthen your brand. 

We generally assign sermon topics and texts based on stories for which we already have activities or illustrations. Please check with us before submitting a sample sermon.

The sermon must be original to you and you understand and agree that we are acquiring all rights to the sermon. That means we can edit it, rewrite it, and publish it, or not. It’s our content.

All of our children’s sermons need to follow a similar format for which we provide the template and include the following items (see sample):

– A brief Sermon Title. No more than 30 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

– The Bible Text that provides a genuine biblical foundation for the point of the sermon. In most cases we will provide the text.

The Sermon Truth that quickly captures the primary theme or message of the sermon. What’s the point? Tell us in no more than 200 characters including spaces and punctuation.

– The title of the Sermon Object. In most cases, this will be a sermon picture (illustration) that we will provide, but if you have a great object lesson you’d like to suggest, please do so!

The Seasonal Emphasis (if any) that identifies the season or holiday to which the sermon is related.

– The Sermon or message. The is the body of the sermon and should provide any needed explanation of the sensory hook, any helpful interpretation of the Bible text, and an application of the message in terms that a young child (6-year-old) can understand. The message should be approximately 300 words.

Thank you for considering writing children’s sermons for us. We look forward to hearing from you by email at [email protected].

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