Christ-Centered Easter Traditions

As Christians, it can sometimes feel challenging to find a balance between the world’s way of doing something and a Biblical perspective. This is most often seen when it comes to holidays. Even a holiday like Easter, which has a very obvious Christian origin, has become muddled over the years with other traditions. Today, if you take a look at mainstream Easter celebrations, you might wonder where Christ got lost along the way. How could a holiday entirely devoted to the Gospel and our Savior’s triumphant exit from the tomb get mixed up with bunnies laying eggs? But, we are reminded in 1 Corinthians 10:31 that, “whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” Because there is an obvious departure from keeping things Christ-centered at Easter, it is our responsibility as parents, teachers and youth leaders to make a conscious effort to develop and maintain Christ-centered Easter traditions when we are celebrating with children. Knowing how to find a balance between fun Easter traditions and Christ-centered truth is crucial.

Keep Focused on the Truth

The most important step you can take to keeping your Easter celebrations Christ-centered is to always bring your Easter conversations and activities back to the truth of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. This can easily be done by simply keeping the conversation on the Gospel going with each activity or celebration.

Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection eggs have become a favorite Easter tradition among Christian families and children’s leaders/teachers. Resurrection egg sets can be ordered through Amazon and other retailers. These fun, colorful sets come with 12 eggs in a traditional egg carton. Each plastic egg reveals a tiny clue which walks kids along the Gospel path to reveal the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior. You can find several fun ways to use resurrection eggs here.

Christ Centered Easter Baskets

Although Easter baskets have traditionally been packed with candy, toys and, well, more candy, Christian families can use this tradition as a great way to share the gospel with their children. Easter baskets can be packed with fun Easter gospel books. You can find a great assortment of Easter books here. Plastic eggs can also be filled with Bible verse printouts in addition to candy. Check out our collection of Short Bible Verses for Easter.  Another great addition to your Easter baskets can be Christ-centered Easter Crafts.

Resurrection Scavenger Hunt

This is a great alternative to the traditional Easter Egg Hunt for families who would like to incorporate more Christ-centered activities into their holiday. Each item on the scavenger hunt represents something symbolic about Christ’s life, death, burial and resurrection. To make this hunt extra fun, try hiding Easter treats along with the clues. This option truly gives your kids the best of both traditions. You can find ideas for your scavenger hunt list here.

Keeping Christ in your Easter just takes a little creativity. You will find that your kids are not missing out at all when you incorporate these great Christ-centered Easter traditions.

Sarah Reeves

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