Churches Are Getting Creative About Ministry

It’s no surprise that churches and people in ministry (especially kids ministry) are getting creative about how they connect with their people and how they seek to maintain fellowship, worship, and discipleship during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are discovering some great things churches are doing and we thought it might be good to share these with you AND allow you to share your ideas with others. If you’d like to share what your church or ministry is doing, please visit our Facebook page and give us the scoop! We’ll take a look and share it here as well.

Thank you to all of you who are passionate about ministry and are determined to love on kids no matter what’s going on in our world!

Evergreen Baptist Church in Bixby, Oklahoma

Kristina Linson is Director of Family Life-Preschool at Evergreen Baptist. Her husband, Marty, created the above video. According to Kristina, “He created the skit using photos of our preschoolers that their moms posed them for. Then I asked several moms to send in voice memos of their kids saying the lines. 17 kids were a part of our virtual skit.”

Want to share what you or your church has been doing? Just visit our Facebook page and join in the conversation!

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