Bible Lesson Activities About Conversion

Conversion takes place when an individual places his or her trust in Christ for salvation and eternal life. Conversion involves not only faith but repentance, or turning away, from sins to live a new life. The Bible activities below will help children become familiar with conversions that took place in the Bible, and thereby help them become familiar with what conversion means in practical terms.

Word Search for Paul Learned About Jesus

God called Paul to be “an Apostle to the Gentiles” (Rom. 11:13), but He first had to get Paul’s attention. And He did that one day when Paul was on the Road from Jerusalem to Damascus in search of Christians to persecute. Jesus revealed Himself to Paul in a blinding light and Paul became a…

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Peter and the Lame Man Story Illustration

The story of the lame man is a wonderful illustration of God’s amazing power. This Peter and the Lame Man Story Illustration will help children remember that just as God healed and changed the lame man, He can change us, too.

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Paul on the Road to Damascus Story Illustration

Paul’s conversion is a significant event in the New Testament which shaped the early church in a big way. This Paul on the Road to Damascus Story Illustration will help kids to remember this event and understand that God makes a difference in our lives.

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Paul Taught Lydia About Jesus Bible Craft

As Paul traveled and talked to people about Jesus, individuals like Lydia placed their faith in Jesus and became Christians. The Bible says Lydia sold purple fabric. This craft will help remind children about Lydia’s conversion.

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Paul Learned About Jesus Bible Craft

When Paul was saved, it wasn’t just the events on the road to Damascus that were dramatic. His whole life was changed rather dramatically. This flip-over craft will teach children that you become a new person when you are saved.

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Philip and the Ethiopian Jigsaw Puzzle

This fun jigsaw puzzle is a great activity for your children to do as you talk to them about the importance of telling others about Jesus.

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Philip and The Ethiopian Hidden Pictures

In this picture of Philip talking with the Ethiopian official about Jesus, pictures of ten small items are discretely placed. Can your children find the hidden pictures? They may even find several you’re unable to find!

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Paul’s Conversion Jigsaw Puzzle

This 12-piece jigsaw puzzle is a great activity for your children, and it provides a tremendous opportunity for you to review the story of Paul’s conversion with them. Jesus makes a difference in people’s lives!

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Philip’s Journey Maze

In this activity, three intersecting mazes form one maze. Can you make your way through it from Jerusalem to Gaza? Your children quite likely can, and they can show you the right way. Be sure to give them the opportunity to do so.

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