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God Made the Animals Word Scramble

How do kids learn? By hearing, certainly—but also by interacting with information. This word scramble puzzle provides a great opportunity for your kids to interact with some of the information and elements in the creation story. They’ll have fun, and they’ll learn a great deal in the process.

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God Made the Animals Spot the Differences

Can you and your kids find all 17 differences in this spot the differences Bible activity highlighting God’s creation of the animals? Sharpen your pencils and give this Bible activity a try!

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God Made the Animals Puppet Craft

Puppets give kids a special opportunity to learn a Bible story. All the puppets in this puppet Bible activity are animals, and the only other character is God. The Scripture passage for the activity is Genesis 1:20-25,30-31. Read the story from the Bible and let your children act it out. Isn’t it wonderful that God made the animals?

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God Made the Animals Jigsaw Puzzle

The animal world testifies to God’s masterful planning and creativity. Your kids will have a wonderful time putting together this colorful jigsaw puzzle. It shows some of the animals God created in Genesis 1. How powerful and creative the Lord is!

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