Bible Lesson Activities About God's Power

God can do anything—anything, that is, that isn't contrary to His nature. God cannot sin, therefore; but He can do all those things we typically think of as being impossible for human beings. The lesson activities below highlight biblical events in which God intervened in human affairs and did remarkable, noteworthy things. Nothing is impossible with God (see Luke 1:37).

Peter’s Rescue from Jail Jigsaw Puzzle

This 12-piece jigsaw puzzle made up of 3-, 4-, and 6-sided pieces will remind children of the details of Peter’s miraculous escape from prison—and the fact that God takes care of those who seek to honor Him.

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Peter’s Rescue from Jail Spot the Differences

In this spot thedifferences activity, children will be challenged to find 12 specific ways in which two seemingly identical pictures are different. In each image, an angel is showing Peter the way of escape from jail. God takes care of His people!

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Hidden Message Word Search

This fun and challenging word search puzzle offers children not only the opportunity to find key words; it also has a hidden message to be discovered. Sharpen your pencils!

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Paul and Silas in Prison Crossword Puzzle

What was so different about Paul and Silas that they were able to sing songs and pray in jail? Well, they knew that God was with them. The story of their brief stay in jail is the theme of this crossword puzzle. Sharpen your pencils and let your children get to work!

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Match Game

This matching game gives children an opportunity to have fun playing a game while they learn about the power of Jesus to immediately make a violent storm totally calm.

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