Bible Lesson Activities About Love

Love is a primary attribute of God and an important trait that Christians are to demonstrate in their relationships with the Lord and with other people. Both the Old and New Testaments make clear that we are to love God and love people. When this is the case, we fulfill all other commandments. Jesus essentially said that love is the new single command He has placed on His followers. His entire life demonstrated the power of sacrificial love. The following Bible activities about love showcase the biblical attribute of love and are great for Valentine's Day or any regular lesson focusing on or addressing love.

Lost Sheep Puppets

This Bible activity for children is a set of puppets that afford children and preschoolers a chance to act out the parable of the lost sheep.

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Mary Honored Jesus Word Search

This word search puzzle contains 10 words associated with Mary’s anointing of Jesus feet with expensive oil. Not only will this puzzle give your children an opportunity to be reminded about the event’s details, it also will give you an opportunity to ask them how they can show their love for Jesus.

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Mary Showed Her Love for Jesus Spot the Differences

Your children will have a great deal of fun finding the 11 differences between these two pictures, both of which show Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with expensive oil. See if you can spot the differences yourself, then ask your children to help you if you can’t find them all!

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Mary and the Jar of Oil Coded Words

Give your children an opportunity to find out what six words and what one phrase are represented in the seven series of numbers in this coded words puzzle. The puzzle features elements of Mary’s extravagant expression of love to Jesus in John 12:1-7.

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Mary Showed Her Love for Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle is a great activity to use as you talk to your children about the importance of expressing love for Jesus.

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Mary’s Jar Match Game

Matching pairs of tiles is a great deal of fun. This match game depicts several different kinds of jars, each of which is a reminder of the jar of expensive oil that Mary used to anoint Jesus’ feet.

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