Bible Lesson Activities About Salvation

Biblical salvation refers to being rescued from the guilt and consequences of sin. The following Bible lesson activities feature salvation prominently.

The Day of Pentecost Story Illustration

After Jesus ascended to heaven, His promise to send the Holy Spirit was fulfilled when the Holy Spirit fell upon Jesus’ followers on the Day of Pentecost. This story illustration will help kids understand that God’s Spirit gives us power to do what He desires.

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Paul on the Road to Damascus Story Illustration

Paul’s conversion is a significant event in the New Testament which shaped the early church in a big way. This Paul on the Road to Damascus Story Illustration will help kids to remember this event and understand that God makes a difference in our lives.

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Paul Taught Lydia About Jesus Story Illustration

During Paul’s ministry travels he met many friends who were hungry to know about Jesus. Lydia was one such person who was led to Christ and then influenced her entire family. This story illustration will help kids remember this Bible character.

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Philip and the Ethiopian Story Illustration

Learning how to lead another person to Jesus is a crucial skill in the Christian life. This Philip and the Ethiopian Story Illustration will help children learn about Philip and better understand how to talk to others about Jesus and why it is so important.

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Jesus Taught About God’s Love Bible Illustration

When Nicodemus met Jesus, he had many questions for the Savior. As Jesus answered his questions, He also taught us some important truths about God’s love. This story illustration will help kids remember the story of Nicodemus and God’s great love for us.

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The Parable of the Lost Sheep Story Illustration

One of the most simple salvation stories used by Jesus in the New Testament is that of the parable of the lost sheep. Jesus chose this beautiful, simple story to help his listeners understand His compassion and love for them.

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The People in the Church Shared About Jesus Bible Craft

When guided by the Holy Spirit, Philip spoke to an Ethiopian man who then believed in Jesus and was baptized. This cute paper plate craft will help children remember the story of Jesus and how all of us should share Jesus with others.

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Paul Learned About Jesus Bible Craft

When Paul was saved, it wasn’t just the events on the road to Damascus that were dramatic. His whole life was changed rather dramatically. This flip-over craft will teach children that you become a new person when you are saved.

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Nicodemus Visited Jesus Bible Craft

In John chapter 3, Jesus talked to Nicodemus about the “new birth.” When we are saved and become Christians, we are “born again.” This cute heart craft will remind children that when we are born again we are given a new heart and a new life.

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