Bible Lesson Activities about The Early Church

Luke's account of the birth and early growth of the Church is known in the Bible as "The Acts of the Apostles." This is a very important chapter in God's unfolding story. In the Bible lesson activities below, children are given opportunity to engage in fun projects while learning about actual events that occurred in the early church.

Spot the Differences in Jesus Began the Church

The biblical story is incomplete without an understanding of the New Testament Church and its place in God’s plan. Soon after Jesus died, was raised from the dead, and ascended back to the Father, He sent His Spirit to fill His followers on the Day of Pentecost. He used Peter that day to preach the…

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1 Timothy 4:12 Flash Cards

Timothy was a young pastor who had been trained by the Apostle Paul. In his letters to Timothy, Paul challenged him to be faithful in his service to the churches and the Lord. In 1 Timothy 4:12, Paul specifically encourages Timothy to not allow anyone to look down on him because of his young age.…

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The Day of Pentecost Story Illustration

After Jesus ascended to heaven, His promise to send the Holy Spirit was fulfilled when the Holy Spirit fell upon Jesus’ followers on the Day of Pentecost. This story illustration will help kids understand that God’s Spirit gives us power to do what He desires.

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Paul Escaped in a Basket Story Illustration

During Paul’s ministry he was often being persecuted, and on one occasion found himself being smuggled to safety in a basket. This Paul Escaped in a Basket Story Illustration will remind children that God will give us strength to do what He asks us to do.

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People In The Church Loved One Another Bible Craft

The story of Peter healing Tabitha (Dorcas) demonstrates how the people loved each other in the early church seen in The Book of Acts. This beautiful sun catcher will remind children that love is the most important gift we can offer our church family.

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Jesus Began the Church Bible Craft

The biblical story is incomplete without an awareness of the church and its place in God’s plan. In Acts we learn that Jesus began the church in a miraculous way. This interactive craft will help your kids understand how the church began.

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Stephen Served and Preached Story Summary

In Acts 6 & 7, we learn about Stephen and his service in the early church. Stephen was one of the first deacons (servants) and was the first martyr. His story will help kids understand that faith has a cost but the presence of Jesus always gives courage.

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People in the Church Taught About Jesus Match Game

The story of Tabitha’s coming back to life in Acts 9:36-43 emphasizes among other things how important it is for God’s people to show love to one another. This match game will help your kids become familiar with the story—and the lessons in love that it has for believers today.

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People in the Church Loved One Another Word Scramble

Your kids will have a great deal of fun working this word scramble puzzle based on the story of God’s using Peter to bring Tabitha, or Dorcas, back to life.

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