Experience On-Demand Discipleship

The need for child discipleship is critical. As parents, you feel the need for your kids to know God and His Word; but you’re not sure how to take this on by yourself at home. Life is busy and time is limited. As leaders, you’re wondering how you can encourage parents to foster discipleship in the home during the few brief years the children are there. How can busy families create meaningful discipleship moments with their kids in their already crowded weekly schedule? These are important questions that challenge all Christian parents and leaders.

Awana Has Resources to Help

We are excited to share with you Brite Families! Entirely digital, Brite Families is designed for parents to have discipleship moments (15 minutes or less) with their kids at home or on the go, using only their phone or tablet.

The complete resource includes conversation starters, scripted sections, optional videos to watch together, and challenges parents can present to their kids. Parents can adapt these materials to their unique family situation and context and use them on demand to help their children find their identity in Christ through at-home discipleship.

The Brite Families experience includes four curriculum segments:

Overview: Brite idea, memory verse, and encouragement for parents
Explore: Bible story and introductory “He, Me, We” questions to deepen belief
Discuss: Three discussion questions to assist with strengthening a kid’s faith
Shine: Practical application activities families can choose from to review what they learned, complete with an optional printable resource

The monthly subscription-based discipleship resource explores the Bible cover to cover each year and helps kids discover Jesus, apply God’s Word to their lives, and develop a biblical worldview.

Awana is an important Sunday School Zone partner. The good people at Awana help us continue to provide free Bible activities for your kids. You can get your first month of Brite Families FREE with code FAMILY21 (originally $9.99/month). You can also learn more about on-demand discipleship here. We’re happy to support any reputable publisher that helps families engage in biblical child discipleship.

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