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The Value and Risk of Being a Ministry Wife

As a minister, I have learned first hand the significant role that a minister’s wife plays in the impact of the couple’s ministry. Not only do ministry wives support and enable the minister in his unique calling, but they typically are engaged in a very real and significant ministry of their own. And, just as ministers must labor under the heavy weight of meeting the many endless needs of a congregation, so the minister’s wife carries a load with, and on behalf of, her husband. Unfortunately, she often carries this burden silently and unobserved. This burden can become hard to bear. Sometimes the minister’s wife simply needs a safe place to be encouraged and loved.

Contagious Joy 4 Him

I recently had the opportunity to visit with an amazing woman who has been called to support, encourage, heal, and “bind up” other amazing women who serve and sacrifice as minister’s wives. Diane Nix is the founder and director of Contagious Joy 4 Him, a nonprofit organization that connects ministry wives around the globe for the purpose of prayer, encouragement, awareness, accountability, Bible study and friendship. I’m still getting to know this unique ministry, but I love what they’re doing and want to help them expand the number of women they’re reaching through retreats, resources, and relationships.

Take An Interest

So if you’re reading this, I would encourage you to check out their web site. Watch the video below. Perhaps you are one of those invaluable women laboring for the glory of God and the love of your husband, but you need encouragement. Or perhaps you know one of these women. I hope you’ll take an interest in Contagious Joy 4 Him and consider whether this might be a ministry you need in your own life. Maybe you’d like to support this important ministry. Only God knows how the countless ministry wives throughout history have impacted and expanded the Kingdom of God. Here’s an opportunity to support a ministry that exists for them!

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