Four Ways to Pray for Dad This Father’s Day

Fathers often are the hardworking backbone in many families who may not get the credit they deserve. Exodus 20:12 tells each of us to “Honor your father.” Dads, however, often don’t beg for recognition, so they can easily get overlooked. On Father’s Day, and the season that includes it, many of us want to make our dad feel special with gifts, and for dads with younger children, we offer a collection of crafts and activity pages that can make special, hand-crafted gifts for dad. But in addition to that, our dads need our regular and dedicated prayers. How can we pray for Dad this Father’s Day?

Pray for His Protection

Many dads leave their home each day and go out into the world to earn a living. Pray that God would protect these men, especially those in dangerous occupations. Keep in mind that life holds many dangers of varying kinds for dads. Pray specifically for your dad’s type of work (or your children’s dad) and where he will be that day.

Pray for His Purity

Our society is bent on parading as much sexuality before us as they possibly can. Even the best of dads still face temptation. Pray that God puts a protecting hand upon your dad to shield him from these temptations and give him strength when he must face them.

Pray for His Prosperity

A man’s sense of worth is greatly tied to his work and his ability to provide for His family. Pray that God blesses your father’s efforts in work and business. If your dad has fallen on hard times financially or is out of a job, pray that God would encourage his spirit not to become depressed over these situations. Ask God what you can do to encourage your dad as well.

Pray for His Personal Life

Regardless of how close you are to your dad, there are things about his personal life you will never know about. There are struggles, insecurities and challenges that he would never share with his kids, but they are still a reality in his life. Pray for the personal issues your dad may be facing that you don’t even know about. Be a reliable presence in your dad’s life that he can depend on, even when he can’t explain everything to you.

This Father’s Day give more than a tie and steak dinner. Pray for dad.

Sarah Reeves

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