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Sunday School Zone provides free printable activities for Christian parents and teachers who are teaching the Bible to their kids. In many cases we are supplementing a curriculum you are already using. In other cases we are simply providing free activities to engage your children in Bible study in a way that is fun and appropriate for them. But, we also want to help you go deeper as a parent and teacher so you have a better understanding of the Bible and what God is up to in this grand universe He has created. So while the activities are designed for children, the site is really about YOU, the parent or teacher. We recognize that it is ultimately YOU who have been given the tremendous responsibility to nurture, teach, and disciple the children under your care. You are on the front line of raising your kids to be godly disciples of Jesus. Sunday School Zone can help you rise to this challenge and go deeper as a parent or teacher in a variety of ways.

Bible Story Profiles

Bible Story Profiles are intended to help you get a better handle on the story or stories you may be teaching. Each profile provides a title, a text, where the story falls in God’s Unfolding Story, a core truth, a summary of the story (written for kids), and commentary written to help adults understand the story. In addition to an approximate date for the story, we also identify highlights and points of interest to help the story come alive for you as and adult and see how the people of that day were real people just like you. You can find a list of Bible Story Profiles here. All new stories we add will have a profile and we’re working to go back and add profiles to all earlier stories.


Sometimes helping you go deeper as a parent and teacher means providing you with encouragement. We are real people with real challenges, real faults, and real experiences that cover years of real ministry. We understand that Christian parenting ministry can be discouraging so we draw on our experiences and God’s Word to help you take heart and keep going. Sometimes the most important lessons are those learned through years of struggle. Sometimes it feels as though all you can do is simply take the next step and even that is difficult. We want to help you take that next step and discover, ultimately, that going deeper can come from merely going on! Find a list of devotionals here.

Ministry Content

We’re blessed to live in a world where lots of people are able to devote themselves to studying Christian parenting and ministry to children even while they are DOING ministry in churches and schools. These skilled practitioners are writing books, publishing articles, and leading conferences. We are building relationships with many of these heroes of Kidmin and are working to give them a voice on the Sunday School Zone Blog. As you go deeper as a parent and teacher, you will likely find helpful articles on our blog.

Sunday School Zone has been around for more than a decade now, but we are just getting started. We are committed to helping you go deeper as a parent and teacher with fresh, new, substantive content. And, it’s all free! We hope you’ll make Sunday School Zone a regular part of your parenting and teaching routine!

Rick Edwards
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