Activities Considered Appropriate for Grade Schoolers (Readers)

Kids vary in their abilities to do certain types of activities as well as in their interests. We've tried to identify activities based on a child's reading ability. The activities below should be appropriate for readers or children typically in grade school. Keep in mind that many activities for non-readers (preschool) will also be usable for readers (grade schoolers).

Jesus Healed the Paralytic Word Scramble

This Bible activity is a word scramble based on Jesus’ actions to heal and forgive a lame man who was lowered before Him through the roof of the house where He was teaching. The activity highlights eight elements of this event. It also underscores a “bottom line” lesson from the biblical record of the account.

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Jesus Healed the Paralytic Word Tiles

Word tiles give kids an opportunity to learn important phrases that convey Bible truths. This one is no exception. In this Bible activity for preschoolers, young children will learn that “Jesus healed bodies and souls.”

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Jesus Healed the Paralytic Hidden Pictures

This Bible activity for older preschoolers and young children gives them the opportunity to find hidden objects in a picture showing Jesus looking with compassion on the paralyzed man He was about to heal. It’s a fun activity associated with a very important Bible story.

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Jesus Healed the Paralytic Jigsaw Puzzle

This Bible activity for older preschoolers is a jigsaw puzzle that shows Jesus responding to the faith of a paralytic, as well as the faith of his four friends who brought him to Jesus by lowering him down through a hole in the roof. Faith pushes ahead to get to Jesus!

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The Prodigal Son Word Search

The prodigal son had a tough time, but his difficulties were of his own making. When he came to his senses and returned home, his father forgave him and welcomed him as his son. This word search puzzle challenges children to find 10 words associated with 10 elements in Jesus’ parable. This is a fun and educational activity!

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The Prodigal Son Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle highlighting the parable of the prodigal son is a great reminder of the joy God has when a sinful individual repents and comes to Him in humility. God forgives! God loves! How to the 14 triangles fit together? In a way that reminds us of how wonderful God is!

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Jesus Taught Forgiveness Spot the Differences

Let your children try to find all 12 differences between these two pictures, both of which show a loving father running to welcome his wayward son home. Can you spot all the differences? Can your children? See who can find them all first!

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Word Tiles

This word tiles puzzle gives children the opportunity to place tiles in the proper order to spell a sentence. The sentence featured here conveys an important lesson: Jesus is no ordinary man!

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The Prodigal Son Word Tiles

These word tiles, properly placed, communicate an important truth highlighted in Jesus’ parable of the lost son: “The Father forgave his son.” God will forgive us as well when we come to him and are sorry for our sins. Use this activity to help your children learn about God’s love and forgiveness.

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