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Bible Activities for Kindergarteners Through 2nd Graders

Younger children includes kindergarten through 1st or 2nd grade, depending on how the church organizes its classes and whether the church includes 6th graders in its children's department.

God Parted the Red Sea Match Game

God led His people through the Red Sea on dry land! This match game is a wonderful reminder of this truth. Thank God for the deliverance He provided the Hebrew people.

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God Led His People Desert Maze

Give your kids a chance to work this maze! It will remind them that even in the wilderness, God guided His people.

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God Led His People Through the Red Sea Crossword Puzzle

This crossword puzzle uses words that highlight nine elements of the departure of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt. This puzzle can be a great reminder of the miraculous help God gave His people.

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10 Commandments Word Tiles

How can we live to honor God? We live by faith, but we also obey the Lord. We know what He wants us to do because He has told us in His law. This word tiles exercise highlights this truth.

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10 Commandments Hidden Numbers

Let your kids find the numbers 1 through 10 in this picture of Moses coming down from the mountain after receiving the Ten Commandments. This is a really fun activity!

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10 Commandments Color By Number Page

This color by number Bible activity will give kids a chance to color a wonderful image of Moses coming down from the mountain with the tablets containing the Ten Commandments.

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Jesus and the Children Encouragement Card

How can you encourage someone? Send him or her a card! This beautiful activity makes it easy to express love and concern.

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Jesus Loves and Cares for Me Bookmarks

These bookmarks make great gifts to give your kids. They serve to remind everyone that God’s love and concern is personal and real, even for little kids!

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Jesus Healed a Royal Official’s Son Spot the Differences

Let your kids find the differences between these two pictures, both of which depict Jesus directing a royal official to return home. Jesus had assured him that his son would get better. It was a very good day for that man and his family!

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