Bible Activities for Kindergarteners Through 2nd Graders

Younger children includes kindergarten through 1st or 2nd grade, depending on how the church organizes its classes and whether the church includes 6th graders in its children's department.

Jesus Healed a Royal Official’s Son Puppets

This puppet activity gives kids an opportunity to act out—and thereby learn more fully—about the encounter between a royal official and Jesus. Jesus healed the man’s son, proving that He had power over sickness, even from a distance.

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Jesus Healed a Royal Official’s Son Bookmarks

Let your kids color these bookmarks that will remind everyone of Jesus’ power to heal sick people.

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God Spoke to Moses Jigsaw Puzzle

This Bible activity is a 12-piece jigsaw puzzle that pictures Moses staring at the burning bush. Your kids will have great fun working the puzzle, and they’ll learn from it as well.

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God Spoke to Moses Word Tiles

This word tiles activity emphasizes that God is great and powerful. Just ask Moses after he heard God speak to him from a bush that was on fire but that didn’t burn up!

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God Spoke to Moses Connect the Dots

This connect the dots picture is also a coloring page. The burning bush is pictured—a wonderful reminder that God revealed Himself to Moses!

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The Lord is a Great and Powerful God! Coloring Page

This coloring page offers a wonderful reminder: “The Lord is a great and powerful God!”

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God Protected Baby Moses Spot the Differences

These two pictures of Pharaoh’s daughter holding baby Moses as she stands in the Nile River have 13 differences between them. Let your kids try to find each one. As they do, they’ll be looking at a picture that shows many of the details of what actually happened.

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God’s Plan for Me Word Tiles

Let your kids work this word tiles puzzle. As they do, they’ll be reminded that God has a plan for each one of them!

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Joseph and His Family Match Game

Match games are fun, and this one will help your kids become even more familiar with the story of the reunion of Joseph and his brothers in Egypt.

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