Bible Activities for Preschoolers Birth Through 3-Year Olds

Younger preschool will include infants (birth) through 2 or 3-year-olds, depending on how the church organizes its classes and when the child's birthday falls.

Jesus Loves and Cares for Me Bookmarks

These bookmarks make great gifts to give your kids. They serve to remind everyone that God’s love and concern is personal and real, even for little kids!

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The Lord is a Great and Powerful God! Coloring Page

This coloring page offers a wonderful reminder: “The Lord is a great and powerful God!”

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Find the Baskets Hidden Pictures

Let your kids try to find all eight baskets hidden among the reeds in this picture. They’ll have a great deal of fun looking for them, and then have fun coloring the picture as well!

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Joseph Helped the King Spot the Differences

In this find the differences puzzle, there are 10 subtle differences between two images. Let your kids have a chance to find them!

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God Made the Plants – Bible Coloring Page

This coloring page will remind young children and preschoolers of the fact that God created the plants, and of how beautiful they were—and are!

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Noah Sent a Dove Coloring Page

Your kids will love this coloring page, which shows Noah releasing a dove from the ark. Would the dove find any dry land? Eventually the water receded and dry land appeared. God was indeed faithful to His servant, Noah. We can trust God too!

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Where Was Jesus Coloring Page

Your children will have a wonderful time coloring this picture of Jesus as a 12-year-old boy talking with the Jewish religious leaders at the temple.

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Jesus Helped a Little Girl Jigsaw Puzzle

This Bible activity is a jigsaw puzzle depicting Jesus looking joyfully on a little girl He had just brought back to life.

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Jesus and the Children Bible Coloring Page

Children need never wonder if Jesus loves them; they can know He does. How? The Bible clearly teaches this truth in numerous places, including Mark 10:13-16. As your children color this page, tell them that Jesus spent time with children and blessed them. That’s one reason we know God loves and cares for every single child.

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