High Voltage Preschool Curriculum

High Voltage Preschool Curriculum is here! The preschool years are extremely important to the spiritual formation of a child. Preschoolers are full of questions and full of trust. That makes their hearts extremely impressionable. Everything is new, including their initial impressions of God, Jesus, and the Bible. Their creativity and energy are at a high level. Consequently, capturing the attention of a preschooler can be difficult. It can also be hard to determine the best approach to take when it comes to preschool Bible curriculum. You want your preschoolers to learn the Bible and become life-long followers of Jesus. But, how do you go about doing that in an effective way?

High Voltage Kids Ministry

I have known about High Voltage Kids Ministry for a number of years. They have been producing elementary curriculum for the kidmin world for decades. In fact, their curriculum has been used in over 10,000 churches world-wide. That’s impressive!

I was pleased to find out recently that High Voltage has decided to begin creating curriculum for the preschool age as well. They have taken some of the same elements that have made High Voltage a big hit for elementary age children and applied it to their new High Voltage Preschool Curriculum. It’s hands-on, interactive, and super fun. Each lesson is designed to capture the child’s imagination and help them understand how big and wonderful our God really is.

What exactly are the elements that make up this new High Voltage Preschool Curriculum?

Beautifully Illustrated Bible Stories

Each lesson comes with a special Bible Story segment. The entire script is provided so that you can engage your children in the story. Plus, High Voltage provides several illustrations that you can either print and hold up during the story – or, if you are tech-savvy, you can place the Bible story illustrations (JPEGs) on a screen for the children to view while the story is being shared.

Highly Interactive Learning

One thing I really love about these lessons is that there is a segment for the kids to learn the main Bible principles taken from the Bible story in a “Hands On Learning” segment. The kids don’t just sit and listen, they are active participants in this portion of the curriculum. They are up, moving, and physically interacting with the learning process.

Multiple Craft Options

Each lesson comes with several different options for crafts that tie in with the Bible story and the main point the kids are learning. High Voltage understands that not every child learns in the same way, so they provide multiple options – including several fabulous coloring pages that coincide with the lesson.

Same-Track Learning Journey

Another thing I really like is how the preschool lessons actually work hand-in-hand with the elementary (grade school) lessons. When someone joins the Digital Membership (both the Elementary and the Preschool), then their preschool and elementary kids are able to learn the same content but in their own way. This is a big bonus for churches that have families with children in multiple areas.

High Voltage certainly has made their mark in the elementary curriculum space, and I’m sure this Preschool Curriculum is going to be a big hit as well. The only way to experience this Preschool Curriculum right now is when you become a High Voltage Digital Member. For more information, simply go to HighVoltageKidsDigital.com.

And, for a limited time, High Voltage is giving away a FREE six-week series of their Preschool Curriculum for you to test drive and see if it is right for you. You can download your FREE series at HighVoltagePreschool.com.

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