How Do We Raise Kids to Know, Love and Serve Jesus?

It’s an honest question. As a Body of Believers, we must address this question head-on. And, we need to do it quickly. Amid the rapid rise of secularism, especially among America’s youth, we need people, including you and others, to bring their perspectives, insights, and best practices to the table in an effort to find real answers to this question. The future of the faith depends on it. No one has all the answers in isolation. Instead, we’re left with crucial questions that are simply too big for one person or organization to answer by themselves. Questions like…

  • Have we adequately prepared our children to lead the future Church and culture?
  • In what ways are we hindering our children from coming to Jesus (Matthew 19:14)?
  • How does our approach to children’s ministry need to be disrupted or reimagined?
  • How could we impact the world if we united to elevate effective child discipleship right now?

With this end in mind, Awana is excited to invite you to the Child Discipleship Forum.  Awana has developed this unique gathering, both in-person and online, to create space for intentional thought and conversations about cultural awareness, child advocacy, and local children’s ministry practice. These conversations, both on stage and off, hold the potential to impact the Kingdom for eternity.

This year’s event will take place Sept. 16 and 17 at Rolling Hills Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. COVID-19 precautions will be in place, but we will also accommodate virtual, at-home participation. In-person and online attendees will have access to every presentation, opportunities for collaboration, and practical resources from our Founding Partners.

Awana has been serving churches and children for decades. Sunday School Zone is happy to be partnering with Awana to support and participate in the Child Discipleship Forum. This is a great opportunity to “put our heads together” and focus on important solutions to the challenges facing child discipleship. May we — a generation of loving, caring adults — gather in obedience, humility and anticipation for what our heavenly Father has for us, and for our children.

Learn more here and take advantage of Premier Pricing, starting at $149 for a limited time.

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