Welcome to the New Sunday School Zone!

Sunday School Zone has been “out there” for several years now. Literally millions of people from all over the world have visited the site to download free, printable Bible study worksheets for kids as well as curriculum and other resources for teachers and parents. We’re happy that more people are visiting the site now on a monthly basis than ever before! And, we continue to do all we can to keep the site growing and providing helpful Bible teaching resources for parents and Bible teachers of children. That’s why we have completely rebuilt the site in order to improve its speed, appearance, and functionality. This positions us to serve even more people in the years to come!

Increased Security

Sunday School Zone is now operating under HTTPS protocol. The “S” stands for “Secure.” Even though we don’t charge for any of our content (requiring personal credit card information), you can be confident that Sunday School Zone is secure and what you see here is the “real deal.”

New Hosting Servers

We have moved to a new hosting service. This just means all of the content for the site will “reside” on a different computer in a different physical location. This move has already improved the site’s speed significantly. The URL (SundaySchoolZone.com) is NOT changing. You, the user, will do nothing different. You can just expect the site to move faster.

Fixing “Problem” Coding

Some of the digital coding behind Sunday School Zone is old and sometimes incompatible with new operating systems and protocols. That causes things to “break” and simply not work correctly. We’re replacing old code with programming that is better supported so existing problems are fixed and fewer problems are encountered in the future.

Updated Look

The site has been around for a number of years now and it’s simply time to update some of the “look” of the site. In some cases we’re merely simplifying the design. We hope you like it!

Patience, Please…

Getting the new site to this point has required an enormous amount of work. And, there’s still more to do. You may encounter odd glitches, images that are missing, headers that aren’t right, or activities that seem out of place. If so, just understand that we’re working on these things, but we welcome you letting us know. If you see things you know aren’t right, feel free to contact us to let us know.

Thank You for Using Sunday School Zone!

We will continue to provide all of the free, printable Bible activities you have come to expect and plan to add more and more in the coming days. If you ever encounter a problem with the site’s content or how it works, please contact us. We want our work to honor the Lord and for you, the user, to be happy with our work. Thank you for using Sunday School Zone!

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