Is There A Scope and Sequence for God’s Unfolding Story for Babies?

The phrase “scope and sequence” generally refers to WHAT is being studied (the subject or “scope”) and the “sequence” of lessons that are planned through the life of the course. In ongoing Bible study classes in a church, the scope of study is understood to be the Bible itself. The sequence of studies will then follow a planned set of lessons focusing on various stories or texts from the Bible. However, this approach is simply too advanced for babies and reflects a higher level teaching/learning philosophy that can’t be applied to newborns and young babies.

Scope and Sequence for God’s Unfolding Story for Babies

The scope of study for God’s Unfolding Story for Babies will be key elements that form the foundation of a biblical identity and attachments the baby needs to be forming. There will be no sequence of studies. Rather, the content to be “taught” will be statements (“Lesson Essentials”) that are spoken to babies in every session. For that reason, there will not be a new lesson every week. Every session will focus on the same content, week after week. This level of repetition is the most appropriate approach for babies and helps undergird the attachments being created with genuine biblical truths.

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