Jesus Blessed the Children Bible Lesson for Children

NT06L3 CroppedThis is a Bible lesson about the time Jesus demonstrated his great love for children by blessing them and telling his disciples to let them come to him. The story is found in Mark 10. It is one of several lessons highlighting the fact that Jesus is God’s Son. The others are listed on the “Jesus is God” lessons summary page. This lesson can help kids see Jesus’ love for them and understand that because he is God, Jesus loves kids the same way God loves kids.

Lesson Title: Jesus Blessed the Children

Bible Text: Mark 10:13-16

Learning Objective: To help children understand that because he is God, Jesus loves children the same way God loves children.

The Lead

Choose a free, printable activity from the list of related Bible activities that will be good to open the lesson. As children complete the activity, explain that today’s lesson is about one of many things Jesus did or said that showed he is God. Use the chosen activity to introduce the story.

Read the story from the Bible or invite a child to read the story aloud. Depending on the age and maturity of your kids, you may want simply to tell the story in your own words.

The Lesson

Select an appropriate number of printable activities from the list of related Bible activities and use them to engage your kids in the story. As they work on the activities, emphasize the following truths:

  • Children are sometimes overlooked as significant in God’s kingdom. Jesus made it clear in this story that not only are they important, they actually can set the example for adults in how they “welcome the kingdom of God” by simply loving and trusting Jesus.
  • Emphasize that God loves kids very, very much. Because he is God, Jesus loves children also. Help children imagine Jesus holding them in his arms. This will help them see God in a very personal way. Unlike many adults, most children will readily love those who show love to them. Help them see Jesus’ great love for them.
  • Jesus’ love for children underscores the fact that he is the Son of God. Be sure to emphasize not only that Jesus loves them, but that he is God as well. The Lord and Creator of the entire universe knows them, loves them, and blesses them just as he did in Mark 10.

The Landing

In closing the lesson, emphasize for children that Jesus is God and, therefore, loves them greatly. They are important because they are important to God!

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