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Kim Zachary and Micah GristKim Grist is married to her high school sweetheart, Pastor Nelson Grist, who serves as Pastor of First Baptist Church, Orchard Hill in Griffin, Georgia. She likes to refer to herself as a mother of three special sons, one with special needs. Kim is pictured to the left with two of those special sons. Zachary is in the center and Micah is behind. Her other son is Christopher (not pictured). Kim is also a grandmother and proud to be a child of the living God. She feels called to help and encourage others and to share experiences both good and bad in order to be the witness that God would have us to be.

The Disability of One Can Segregate the Whole Family

Because she and her husband have an adult son with Down syndrome, she has a passion to encourage others in offering a special needs ministry in the church. She finds that many times it’s not just the handicapped child or adult that doesn’t attend church but the disability of one segregates the whole family from church attendance.

She Didn’t Grow Up in Church

Because she did not grow up in church, Kim Grist believes that her perspective on what Sunday School is or could or should be is sometimes different from other people. She strives to find ways to make Sunday School and Children’s Church an experience that helps nurture a love for Christ and to help them to grow in a true relationship with Him, even if it means going back to the drawing board. When preparing for a lesson she finds that she often wants to add or change something in the lesson to make it better. “The unfortunate side of being creative in this respect is not always positive”, Kim says. “Often my attempts fail and I end up looking like an old episode, of I Love Lucy. But on the occasion that something really connects, it is important to share it. After all, isn’t that what being part of the body of Christ is all about?”

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