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Learn Israel: Invest In Your Bible Study and Teaching

Learn Israel is a unique learning experience in October of 2020 that will take you through the ancient land of Israel in an 10-day, first-class tour. Hosted by Dr. Jeremiah Davis, this tour will do more than show you the sites you’ve heard about. Every stop will be carefully placed in its biblical and historical context. The entire tire trip will be supplemented with insights designed to bring the land, the history, and the stories of the Bible to life in a way that will enhance and deepen your own understanding of Scripture. If you are a Bible teacher (of any age learner), this tour will give you fresh eyes on every aspect of the Bible. And if you’re not a teacher, you’ll return home with a deeper understanding of and love for God’s Word.

Tour Schedule

The tour will begin on Monday, October 19, 2020 from Nashville, Tennessee. We will return on Wednesday, October 28. We will be tired, but changed. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading and, above all, sign up below for the Learn Israel email newsletter that will provide regular updates and information about the tour. (There’s no obligation or commitment for signing up.)

Day 1, Monday, October 19 — NASHVILLE • ISRAEL
We will depart from Nashville, TN on our flight to Tel Aviv. Meals and overnight on the plane.

Day 2, Tuesday, October 20 — TEL AVIV
Arrive at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport and meet our Israeli guide who will welcome us to the land of the Bible. We will visit Old Jaffa, the traditional home of Simon the Tanner, and the point from where Jonah attempted his escape. Dinner and overnight will be in Tel Aviv.

Day 3, Wednesday, October 21 — CAESAREA • MEGIDDO • TIBERIAS
We will begin the day with a full Israeli Buffet Breakfast. We will then pass newly settled towns en route to Caesarea, site of major events in the lives of both Peter and Paul. Then, it’s on to Megiddo. Megiddo provides a magnificent view of the fertile Jezreel Valley, prophesied site of Armageddon. We will drive up Mt. Carmel to Mukraka for a magnificent view of the region. From there we are on to Sepphoris, the former Roman capital of Galilee and the famous seat of the Sanhedrin in the second century A.D. (Why not Jerusalem? You’ll learn this!) Sepphoris is comprised of a Crusader fortress, a Roman theater and numerous impressive mosaics. We’ll continue through Galilee to Nazareth and Cana, site of Jesus’ first miracle. We’ll finally arrive at the Sea of Galilee where we will enjoy dinner and overnight in Tiberias on the shores of this famous body of water.

Day 4, Thursday, October 22 — SEA OF GALILEE • UPPER GALILEE
We are now walking in the very footsteps of Jesus. We will take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, in a replica of the ancient wooden boats used in Jesus’ day. We walk into old Capernaum (Jesus’ “headquarters”) through the runs of the ancient synagogue where Jesus worshiped. From Capernaum, we’ll drive to where Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes and then up to the site of the Sermon on the Mount. In the afternoon we will journey north to Caesarea Phillipi, site of Peter’s great confession. We will return by way of the Golan Heights to the lower end of the Sea of Galilee where we will visit the Jordan River and have the opportunity for a baptismal service, if desired. We will have dinner and stay in Tiberias a second night.

Day 5, Friday, October 23 — JORDAN VALLEY • JERUSALEM
We will drive south along the Jordan Valley to Beit She’an to see the expansive excavations taking place at this ancient Roman city. We’ll then drive south to Jericho for a view of the Mt. of Temptation and Mt. Nebo, where Moses gazed upon the Promised Land, knowing he couldn’t enter it. Now we “go up” to Jerusalem. This amazing city is the center of biblical history in so many ways. We will enjoy dinner and our first night in Jerusalem.

Day 6, Saturday, October 24 — JERUSALEM • BETHLEHEM
We will start the day with a view of the Old City across the Kidron Valley from the top of the Mt. of Olives. We will walk to the Garden of Gethsemane, the Church of All Nations and drive across the Kidron Valley and enter the Old City through St. Stephen’s Gate. Once in the Old City, we will visit the Moslem Quarter, the beautiful Church of St. Anne, the Pool of Bethesda, Pilate’s Judgement Hall, and the Ecce Homo Arch. We will follow the Via Dolorosa into the Christian Quarter and see the “Stations of the Cross.” From here we will drive to Mt. Zion to see the House of Caiaphas and the Upper Room of the Last Supper. We will visit Bethlehem and see Manger Square, the Church of the Nativity, and view Shepherds’ Fields and the Fields of Boaz and Ruth. After Bethlehem we will return for dinner and our second night in Jerusalem.

Day 7, Sunday, October 25 — MASADA • DEAD SEA • QUMRAN
We’ll drive to Masada, overlooking the Dead (Salt) Sea, where we ascend by cable car to visit the remnants of Herod’s Palace and where the Zealots made their last stand against the Roman Legions from A.D. 70-73. We’ll visit Ein Gedi, fabled Spring of David, and proceed to Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947. If time allows, we will go for a float in the mineral-rich waters of the Salt Sea. At the end of the day we’ll return to Jerusalem for dinner and overnight.

Day 8, Monday, October 26 — JERUSALEM
We will begin the day with a visit to the reconstructed Jewish Quarter, walk through the Cardo, the original Roman street, and see the amazing Israelite wall. We’ll view important excavations taking place at the Western (Wailing) Wall and the Southern Temple Staircase on which Jesus walked. The tour also includes a new Visitors Center, highlighted by a three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of the Second Temple. We likely will have an opportunity to observe Jewish Bar Mitzvahs taking place at the Western Wall. Then on to the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock, where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac, and now the site of a mosque. We’ll visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and then on to the miniature model of Jerusalem as it was in the 2nd Temple period (circa 68 A.D.). We’ll end the afternoon at Golgotha (Gordon’s Calvary) and the Garden’s Empty Tomb. Special time is planned for worship, communion, meditation and inspiration. Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 9, Tuesday, October 27 — JERUSALEM
Today is a day of leisure for shopping and relaxing at your discretion. This evening we will share in a Farewell Dinner.

Day 10, Wednesday, October 28 — ISRAEL • USA
Today we transfer to the airport in Tel Aviv where our guide will assist us with check-in procedures and we’ll depart on our return flight to Nashville.


The cost of this tour is $3,999.00 per person for double occupancy lodging. We are told that tour prices cannot be confirmed until airline prices are confirmed in November of 2019. A deposit of $300 per person will be required at registration and payments can be made along the way after that via a secure web site provided by Friendly Planet Travel. However, no payments can be accepted before pricing is finally confirmed (in November, 2019) so there is no risk of “bait and switch.”

To Learn More

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We will also be updating this page and adding more information about the trip and the places we’ll go, so you’re welcome to return here for future updates.

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