Lesson Components in God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers

Each lesson plan in God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers contains the following components to help you prepare and lead a meaningful Bible study experience for older preschoolers.

Unfolding God’s Story for Teachers

This brief introduction will help you, as the teacher, prepare your heart and mind for the session. Please don’t ignore the importance of preparing yourself for teaching. God wants to use you in the lives of these precious children. This section will inspire you and encourage you to be where He wants you to be as you prepare.


A great lesson needs a great beginning. Commit yourself to a great start every week by following the time-tested suggestions provided.

Center Time

Each lesson will suggest small group activities that are easy to follow and are developmentally appropriate. Suggested activities are written to be used in the following centers: Block, Art, HomeLiving, Puzzle, and Bible Learning. Home Living, Block and Puzzle Center suggestions do not change significantly every week and assume the needed items are provided. Activities for the Art Center and Bible Learning Center are new each week and are different in each plan. Conversation is encouraged to link each activity to the Bible truth, Bible Phrase and/or the Bible story.

Clean-up Time

Use Clean-up Time as a teaching time by involving the children and encouraging them to be helpers with good attitudes.

Bible Story Time

Bible Story Time is a large group activity. Instructions for engaging kids in the Bible story are given. You’ll find a list of needed Supplies, ideas for an Introduction to the story, and the Bible Story written in words older preschoolers can understand. In Talk Time, suggestions are included to review the story, talk about the Bible Phrase, and pray.

Craft Time

Each hour contains a unique and fun craft activity. A list of Supplies and a brief explanation of What to Do is provided. A Link to the Bible Story suggestion will help you tie the craft to the lesson.

Snack Time

Yum! Plus, another opportunity to teach by involving the kids in the clean-up.

Game Time/Dismissal

Game Time provides another large group activity to bring the session to a strong close and have the children ready for their parents.

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