Ezra Read the Law

Bible Story Lesson: Ezra Read the Law Bible Lesson for Older Preschoolers

Bible Text: Ezra 7:1–9:5; Nehemiah 8

Bible Phrase: “For the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10, KJV)

Bible Truth: My joy comes from God.

This is the fourth and last lesson in the Prophets and Esther Unit. You can view a summary of this unit and the other lessons in the unit.

Downloading the Ezra Read the Law Bible Lesson

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Lesson Description

Ezra was one of the prophets who led the second group of exiles to return from Babylon to Jerusalem. The people were discouraged and lacked commitment to God’s word and His law. They had forgotten God’s unfolding story and needed someone to encourage them and remind them of their place in that story. God used Ezra to challenge the people as he gathered them together and read from the law. Through God’s word, Ezra reminded the people that the “joy of the Lord is your strength.” This Ezra Read the Law Bible lesson for older preschoolers looks at the story of Ezra and teaches that my joy comes from God.

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