People Disobeyed God

Bible Story Lesson: People Disobeyed God Bible Lesson for Older Preschoolers

Bible Text: Genesis 2:15-17; 3:6,8-10,22-23

Bible Phrase: God cared for Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:21).

Bible Truth: God loves and cares for me even when I disobey.

This is the final lesson in the God’s Creation Unit. You can view a summary of this unit and the other lessons in the unit.

Downloading the People Disobeyed God Bible Lesson

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Lesson Description

When God created the first man and the first woman and placed them in the Garden of Eden, all was well—until Adam and Eve disobeyed God. Sadly, everything changed for the worse when the two ate from the tree God had said was off limits. Misery, pain, hurt, and death entered the world. Adam’s and Eve’s disobedience truly changed everything for them.

The one thing that didn’t change was that God still loved Adam and Eve—and His love would extend to every person that would ever be born. This People Disobeyed God Bible Lesson for Older Preschoolers tells Adam’s and Eve’s story—and the story of God’s love for them and all their descendants—including us—despite willful disobedience on the part of everyone. Sin brings very bad news, but God and His love shine through this darkness to bring good news that overcomes the bad news. All of us should thank God that He continues to love us even though we’ve disobeyed Him! He is truly a wonderful God!

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