Overcoming Teaching Fears

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Tim. 1:7) Paul wrote those words to a young Timothy, but they certainly apply to those who teach the Bible to children. For many people the idea of teaching a room full of children sounds like a piece of cake. Little kids, no problem. But, some of us know that when you are actually standing in a room full of wiggling, giggly children to whom you are hoping to impart spiritual truths, it can start to feel overwhelming. How will you pass on the message of the gospel and growing in Christ to young children, some of whom cannot even stay in their chair for five minutes? Are the souls of these kids really in your hands? I’ve heard countless adults retell stories of how Bible teachers turned them off from religion forever. What if I say the wrong thing, and this child never wants to follow Christ? To say children’s Bible teachers have a big responsibility is an understatement. But, for the brave souls who accept this undertaking, the rewards can be amazing. But how do you go about overcoming teaching fears?

Arm Yourself With Scripture

If you find yourself dealing with teaching fears, you can begin overcoming them with scripture. Verses like 2 Timothy 1:7 and Philippians 4:13 are basic ammunition against fear. Memorizing these scriptures will ensure that you have them anytime you need them, even if your Bible is not handy at the moment. Collect as many verses as you need so that you always have a fresh supply to use when fear strikes.

Be Prepared

Another great strategy is to make sure you are adequately prepared for class each session. Going in unprepared can lead to complete chaos which will just feed your fear. Carve out time in your week for class preparation. Be sure to collect all of your supplies ahead of time and have a plan in place for how the class will unfold. Get to class early so that you have plenty of time to get supplies ready and set things up.

Pray and Meditate

If you get to class early, and you should, take a few minutes alone with God to pray and mediate. Envision how the class will go and remember that God is right beside you. You are ultimately doing this for Him. There is no wrong way to serve God if you are doing it with the right attitude and the right spirit.

Overcoming teaching fears will tremendously help you in your ministry to children. The more confident you become, the more excitement you will feel about lesson plans and the great relationships you will forge with your kids.

Sarah Reeves

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