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Below is a list identifying and describing the TYPES of activities we have on the site as well as a listing of every free, printable activity we have on Sunday School Zone (below the list of types). Note that many of the types of activities are divided further using the main navigation bar found on every page (above). The most recently added activities are always at the top of the list below, so you can quickly come here and find the most recently-added activities. Our free, printable Bible activities can be used to supplement a Bible teaching curriculum resource you're already using or they can be used as stand alone activities. You can also see a list of the Bible stories and Bible characters we feature.

Types of Activities on Sunday School Zone


Professionally-designed bookmarks with a Bible verse, phrase, or truth on them

Children's Sermons

For those times when you're responsible for delivering a brief children's "sermon" or devotional to a group of children

Puzzles and Games

Fun, printable activities that involve observing and/or memory recall

Word Activities

Require reading and writing skills and involve the use of specific words

Coloring Pages

Includes simple coloring pages, color by number, and connect the dot activities

Crafts for Kids

Activities that require cutting, gluing and/or additional resources such as tape, craft sticks, and yarn

Scripture Pages

Professionally-designed sheets with a Bible verse or phrase on them

Bible Maps

Maps that can be colored or used as they are

Bible Story Summaries

Helps teachers or parents of children tell the story in a way that is engaging and appropriate for them

Pencil Activities

Worksheets designed for use with pencils, but do not involve writing

Story Illustrations

High quality, professionally-created illustrations that help Bible stories come alive

Many of the above categories are divided further using the main navigation bar found on every page (above). We try to make it easy to find the type of activity you may need by grouping them by type of activity, Bible story, Bible character, and season. We are adding new activities regularly, so check back often to see what's new. You may want to subscribe to our free weekly newsletter to help you stay current with the activities available.

All Activities on Sunday School Zone (most recent on top)

Mary Anointing Jesus’ Feet Spot the Differences

Mary Anointing Jesus’ Feet Spot the Differences

Your children will have a great deal of fun finding the 11 differences between these two pictures, both of which show Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with expensive oil. See if you can spot the differences yourself, then ask your children to help you if you can’t find them all!

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Mary Honored Jesus Word Search

Mary Honored Jesus Word Search

This word search puzzle contains 10 words associated with Mary’s anointing of Jesus feet with expensive oil. Not only will this puzzle give your children an opportunity to be reminded about the event’s details, it also will give you an opportunity to ask them how they can show their love for Jesus.

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Crossword Puzzle

This crossword puzzle highlights ten elements of the event that took place in Luke 8:22-25. Jesus calmed a violent storm with mere words. Jesus certainly was no mere man! He was and is God!

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Mary and the Jar of Oil Coded Words

Mary and the Jar of Oil Coded Words

Give your children an opportunity to find out what six words and what one phrase are represented in the seven series of numbers in this coded words puzzle. The puzzle features elements of Mary’s extravagant expression of love to Jesus in John 12:1-7.

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God Saved Peter Word Line Up

Encourage your children to unscramble these six words in this word line up puzzle. When they do, their work will reveal another key word. This is great fun!

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God Saved Peter Word Scramble

Peter was rescued from jail in Acts 12:1-18. This word scramble puzzle gives your children an opportunity to unscramble seven words and one key phrase related to this event. As they do, they’ll become more familiar with this important happening in the life of the early church.

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Shepherds Told of Jesus Match Game

This matching game has a Christmas theme. How many matches can each of your children find?

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Baby Jesus and the Shepherds Word Search

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to encourage your children to find 10 words related to the Christmas story in this word search puzzle!

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Visitors to Baby Jesus Word Scramble

Let your children unscramble the eight words in this puzzle, then one more key word. They’ll be reminded of some important people, places, and elements in the Christmas story.

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