Christmas Activities for Kids

The Christmas holiday is a wonderful time for families when the kids are out of school and extended families are often together. But how can we keep kids entertained and aware of the real meaning of Christmas in ways that are fun and don't merely involve more screen time? Here are some Christmas activities for kids that you might find helpful!

Prophets Foretold Jesus’ Birth Coloring Page

This printable coloring page will help children imagine the Old Testament prophets sharing God’s message and help kids understand that Jesus fulfilled these prophecies completely. It can be used in a homeschool setting, one-on-one, or in a classroom setting like Sunday School.

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The Wise Men Worshiped Jesus Scripture Page

Can anyone worship Jesus, or is he just for some people? This scripture poster from Matthew 2:11 teaches that anyone can worship Jesus.

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Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem Scripture Page

The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem was no myth. This scripture poster from Matthew 2:1 will reinforce this important historical fact.

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Wise Men’s Christmas Word Tiles

Give your kids a chance to put together this word tiles phrase puzzle that highlights an important lesson from the wise men’s story.

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Wise Men’s Christmas Adventure Spot the Differences

Can your boys and girls find all 16 differences that exist between these two images of the wise men making their way to Bethlehem? Give them a chance to try!

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Wise Men’s Christmas Adventure Secret Code

Working this secret code puzzle, your kids will have a chance to become even more familiar with the wise men’s story.

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Wise Men’s Christmas Adventure Puppets

Wise men sought Jesus, and your kids will have a chance to reenact this special event in biblical history with this puppet craft.

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The Wise Men’s Christmas Adventure Jigsaw Puzzle

Let your preschoolers and young children work this puzzle, and they’ll be more likely to remember the details of the wise men’s story in Matthew 2:1-12.

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Shepherds’ Christmas Adventure Word Scramble

This word scramble puzzle is a wonderful review of Luke 2:1-20, which tells the story of the shepherds and their visit to Jesus on the night of His birth.

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