Christmas Activities for Kids

The Christmas holiday is a wonderful time for families when the kids are out of school and extended families are often together. But how can we keep kids entertained and aware of the real meaning of Christmas in ways that are fun and don't merely involve more screen time? Here are some Christmas activities for kids that you might find helpful!

Gabriel Told About Jesus Word Line Up

Can you unscramble all the words in this word line up that highlights elements of Gabriel’s visit to Mary? If not, you might want to ask your children to help you. Answers are provided, but if you work together, you might not have to look at them!

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Gabriel Visited Mary Color By Number Page

As your children color by number this picture showing Gabriel visiting Mary, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to them about what the angel said to her and how she responded. How special it was for Mary that she was going to become the mother of God’s Son!

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Gabriel Visited Mary Puppets

With these puppets, children and preschoolers will be able to act out Gabriel’s visit with Mary—the visit where the angel announced to her that she would become Jesus’ mother!

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Angel Connect the Dots Coloring Page

Connect the dots in this Bible activity and you’ll see an angel, a favorite symbol of Christmas. Your children will have a great deal of fun with this!

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Simeon and Anna Puppets

Simeon, Anna, Jesus, and Mary and Joseph are featured in this puppet activity for children and preschoolers. A temple background also is provided. Give your kids a creative and fun way to learn the Bible story recorded in Luke 2:21-39 by letting them act it out with these puppets!

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Prophets Told About Jesus’ Birth Word Search

Finding key words related to two Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament—one from Isaiah and the other from Micah—is challenging, fun, and educational! You’ll have fun working this word search puzzle, because it’s a Bible activity for children that adults also will enjoy!

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Prophets Told About God’s Son Word Tiles

“God’s Son will be born in Bethlehem.” Micah wasn’t quite this explicit, but, inspired by God’s Holy Spirit, he foretold this very event. Your children will love these word tiles and have great fun putting them in the proper order.

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Children's Bible Puzzle Activity About the Prophets

Prophets Told About God’s Son Puzzle

This Bible activity for children is a jigsaw puzzle highlighting the fact that in the Old Testament Jesus’ birth was foretold hundreds of years before it occurred. Many things were—and are—special about Jesus!

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Shepherds Told of Jesus Match Game

This matching game has a Christmas theme. How many matches can each of your children find?

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