Simple Bible Coloring Pages

Simple coloring pages generally involve crayons and typically are for any age child because they do not require any reading level. They are not color-by-number or connect-the-dots activities. These are great for young children because they reinforce the things they've learned from a Bible story. Simple coloring pages often include a simple Bible lesson.

Lost Sheep Bible Coloring Page

As your preschoolers and young children color the sheep and the fields in which they are grazing, you’ll have a chance to remind them that sheep need a shepherd. People need a shepherd too, and Jesus is the perfect Shepherd for people, because He cares about and loves each man, woman, boy, and girl.

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Jesus Fed the People Bible Coloring Page

When your preschoolers and young children color the basket of bread shown on this coloring page, their activity will help them learn that Jesus performed a miracle to feed the thousands of people who had listened to Him teach.

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The Wise Men Bible Coloring Page

Coloring a picture of the wise men’s kneeling will help children understand that the wise men came to worship Jesus.

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Fish in the Net Bible Story Coloring Page

Peter and some other disciples caught so many fish in their nets they couldn’t haul them all in. Color the fish caught in this net!

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