Crafts for Kids

Below is a list of Bible crafts for kids appropriate for home, church, or school use. Crafts are activities that require cutting, gluing and/or additional resources such as tape, craft sticks, and yarn. Most crafts are related to specific Bible stories, but some are related to seasonal emphases that may not have a specific Bible story associated with the particular holiday.


Each activity provides a simple suggested learning outcome, a list of needed supplies, and step-by-step instructions with photos to help you and the children prepare for and complete each craft with ease.


In most cases we also provide a downloadable PDF of the activity (with pictures) in case it's easier for you simply to download and print the instructions rather than follow them online.

Ten Commandments for Kids Bible Craft

The Ten Commandments for Kids Bible Craft

We learn in Exodus 19:1-6: 20:1-17; 31:18 that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. These commandments have played a large role in crafting laws throughout history. This craft is based on this story and will help children begin learning and/or memorizing the Ten Commandments.

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The Parable of the Forgiving King Bible Craft

This easy crown craft, based on Jesus’ parable told in Matthew 18:21-35, will give children the opportunity to role play and learn the story of the forgiving king where Jesus taught about the importance of forgiving in light of the forgiveness we have received from the Lord.

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Joseph’s Story Bible Craft

This super easy Christmas angel, based on Matthew 1:18-25, will help children remember the angelic messenger who came to visit Joseph to tell him of Jesus’ birth. It can underscore for kids that Jesus is the promised Messiah, the Son of God.

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God Called Moses Bible Craft

This fun tissue paper roller craft, based on the life of Moses and God’s call to Moses as found in Exodus 3 and 4, will help children remember that Moses was a special man who was called by God, and we are also called by God.

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Number One (#1) Dad Craft

This easy craft reflects the biblical admonition to “Honor Your Father and Mother” as found in Ephesians 6:2-3 This craft can be made with items typically in the house and will make a great gift for dad to show him love and honor.

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I Love My Daddy Craft

This simple handprint craft will help remind children that Fathers’ Day is a good time to express love to our earthly fathers. Expressing love in any way is a good way to honor our fathers as Paul exhorted us to do in Ephesians 6:2.

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I Will Honor My Mom Coupon Book Craft

This coupon book craft and the verses from Ephesians 6:1-2 will help remind children that there are many ways they can honor their mother (as well as both parents) to bring her joy on Mothers’ Day or any day of the year!

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God Bless My Mom Craft

This Bible verse and printable craft for children, based on Proverbs 23:25, will help remind children that they have a responsibility to let their parents “have joy.” This is a perfect craft for kids to do for Mother’s Day.

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God’s Unfolding Story Cube (2.25 X 2.25 inches)

The God’s Unfolding Story Cube can be used to help children of almost any age learn the biblical story using the God’s Unfolding Story Preschool Story Elements. Each page can be assembled to create a 2 and 1/4 inch cube with the six elements.

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