Bible Handprint Crafts

Handprint crafts are generally easy to do and are a great way to engage kids in a Bible craft that is very personal. Like a fingerprint, every handprint is unique to that child! And what parent doesn't love their child's handprint stuck on the refrigerator? So, we have created a number of these crafts to give you some simple ideas. All of the crafts below are related to a Bible story or an important concept found in the Bible. 

Oh! That’s Beautiful! Autumn Bible Craft

This fun Autumn Bible craft, based on Daniel 2:21, will help children learn that seasons change because God has created the earth this way. There are special things about each season in our lives, just as there are special things about each natural season.

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Jesus Healed Ten Lepers Bible Craft

This fun handprint craft, based on the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers found in Luke 17:11-19, will help children remember the importance of thanking God for answered prayers. Let the kids have fun creating hand prints with painted hands!

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Jesus Healed A Woman With A Crooked Back Bible Craft

This healing hands banner Bible craft, based on the story of when Jesus healed a woman with a crooked back found in Luke 13:10-17, will help remind children that miracles happen with a touch of Jesus’ hands. This craft can be used with kids of any age.

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Ten Commandments for Kids Bible Craft

The Ten Commandments for Kids Bible Craft

We learn in Exodus 19:1-6: 20:1-17; 31:18 that God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. These commandments have played a large role in crafting laws throughout history. This craft is based on this story and will help children begin learning and/or memorizing the Ten Commandments.

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I Love My Daddy Craft

This simple handprint craft will help remind children that Fathers’ Day is a good time to express love to our earthly fathers. Expressing love in any way is a good way to honor our fathers as Paul exhorted us to do in Ephesians 6:2.

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