Printable Pencil Activities

The free pencil activities on Sunday School Zone are printable worksheets designed for use with pencils, but do not involve writing. These fun activities are great for even younger children (non-readers) as well as older kids and include hidden pictures, hidden letters, mazes, connect-the-dots, and spot-the-differences activities. In many cases a simple Bible lesson is provided with each pencil activity. Pencil activities engage children in an activity while allowing the parent or teacher to talk about the story and engage with the kids at the same time.

Jesus Helped a Little Girl Spot the Differences

How many differences can you find between these two pictures, both of which portray Jesus after He had just raised a 12-year old girl from the dead. This Bible activity reminds children that Jesus really did do amazing things!

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Jesus Began the Church Maze

This maze is both challenging and fun. As your children work it, they will have a chance to reflect on the ways God used Peter and others to begin the church.

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Jesus and the Children Spot the Differences

Jesus blessed the children. This spot-the-differences puzzle will help your children understand something about what this means, including the truth Jesus loves and cares about them.

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The Story of God’s Care for Us Maze

This maze, which is shaped like a bird, is fun to work; but it also affords parents and teachers a chance to talk about the birds and how God takes care of them. If God takes care of the birds, surely He’ll take care of the people who trust Him!

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John Wrote About Heaven Spot the Differences

How many differences can you find between these two images of heaven? There are 14 in all, and answers are provided. This is a wonderful Bible activity!

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Peter Wrote Letters Spot the Differences

Peter’s letters are important Books in the New Testament. This fun and engaging Bible activity will give you an opportunity to talk to your kids about Peter’s letters to fellow Christians during the days of the early church. You and your kids need to look for at least 14 differences between the two images provided. Do you think you and your kids can find all 14? Give it a try!

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Peter’s Letter Maze

Give your kids a chance to work this maze, and you’ll also give yourself a wonderful opportunity to talk to them about the importance of the apostle Peter’s letters, letters we know as 1 Peter and 2 Peter in our Bibles today.

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Last Supper Spot the Differences

Spot the differences! This is a fun activity that shows two images of Jesus and the disciples sharing a special meal together on the night of Jesus’ arrest. As your children have fun with this activity, you can talk to them about Jesus’ love for all of us!

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Paul’s Letter to Timothy Spot the Differences

This Bible activity for children shows Paul writing to his friend Timothy. Two pictures that look almost identical at first glance actually are different in 12 specific ways. How many of these differences can your children find? Answers are provided.

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