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Scripture Pages

Scripture pages are professionally-designed pages with a Bible verse or phrase on them. These are great for kids to place on a wall or mirror as reminders. Each is designed to be printed on standard 8 1/2 X 11 paper. A simple Bible lesson or explanation is provided with each scripture page to help parents and teachers interpret the verse for children.

Jesus Has Risen Scripture Page

Children may struggle to understand death, but they learn early that it is final. But it wasn’t final for Jesus! He is alive today! This simple, straightforward Jesus Has Risen Scripture page will remind kids that Jesus is alive!

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You Are the Light of the World Scripture Page

This scripture poster from Matthew 5:14 underscores that God has made them to be light to the world!

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The Wise Men Worshiped Jesus Scripture Page

Can anyone worship Jesus, or is he just for some people? This scripture poster from Matthew 2:11 teaches that anyone can worship Jesus.

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The Lord is One Scripture Page

This scripture poster contains a simple phrase (taken from Deuteronomy 6:4) with deep theological meaning.

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The Lord Sees the Heart Scripture Page

Based on 1 Samuel 16:7, this scripture poster will remind children that God is more concerned about the condition of our hears than our appearance.

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God’s Faithful Love Scripture Page

The Old Testament repeatedly underscores the faithfulness of God. This is His nature and children need to learn that God’s love is constant and never failing. This scripture poster, taken from Psalm 107:1, puts this truth in terms that children can learn and remember.

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Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem Scripture Page

The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem was no myth. This scripture poster from Matthew 2:1 will reinforce this important historical fact.

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Even the Winds and the Sea Obey Him Scripture Page

Jesus is Lord over all things, even creation. This scripture poster provides an important reminder of this truth taken from Matthew 8:27.

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Let the Children Come to Me Scripture Page

Help children understand that Jesus still invites them to come to him with this scripture poster from Mark 10:14.

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