Christmas Word Activities

Word activities involve the use of specific, relevant words in a puzzle or game that's related to a Bible story. These free, printable Christmas word activities are great to help keep kids entertained and thinking about the true meaning of Christmas as they enjoy the holidays and a break from school!

Wise Men’s Christmas Word Tiles

Give your kids a chance to put together this word tiles phrase puzzle that highlights an important lesson from the wise men’s story.

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Wise Men’s Christmas Adventure Secret Code

Working this secret code puzzle, your kids will have a chance to become even more familiar with the wise men’s story.

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Christmas Word Tiles

God’s Son Jesus was born for us. That’s the message of this wonderful word tiles Christmas puzzle!

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Shepherds’ Christmas Adventure Word Scramble

This word scramble puzzle is a wonderful review of Luke 2:1-20, which tells the story of the shepherds and their visit to Jesus on the night of His birth.

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Joseph Told About Jesus Word Line Up

Sharpen your pencils and give your children a chance to unscramble these five words relating to Joseph’s dream and God’s instructions through an angel that Joseph marry Mary and name her child Jesus.

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Joseph Told About Jesus Word Search

When Mary and Joseph married, they knew some important things many others did not know. Both of them had received instructions from God about Jesus! This word search puzzle highlights 10 things surrounding the instructions Joseph received from God in a dream. Don’t just let your children see if they can find all 10 words—see if you can too.

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Gabriel Told About Jesus Word Tiles

This word tiles exercise gives the “bottom line” of Gabriel’s visit to Mary. “Mary will be the mother of Jesus.” This was an important message, not just for Mary, but for everyone today as well. God’s Son was coming into the world! Mary would be his mother, but His Father was God!

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Gabriel Told About Jesus Word Line Up

Can you unscramble all the words in this word line up that highlights elements of Gabriel’s visit to Mary? If not, you might want to ask your children to help you. Answers are provided, but if you work together, you might not have to look at them!

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Simeon and Anna Word Search

This Bible activity is a word search puzzle that highlights 10 elements of Simeon’s and Anna’s encounters with the infant Jesus, as well as Mary and Joseph. Word searches are a great deal of fun! How many of the ten words hidden in this puzzle can your children find? Can you find them all?

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