Bible Crossword Puzzles for Children

These crossword puzzles highlight several elements of Bible events, personalities, and situations. Children will have fun and learn a great deal as they work these crossword puzzles. Just click on the title of an activity to visit a web page where you'll be given an opportunity to download.

Paul and Silas in Prison Crossword Puzzle

What was so different about Paul and Silas that they were able to sing songs and pray in jail? Well, they knew that God was with them. The story of their brief stay in jail is the theme of this crossword puzzle. Sharpen your pencils and let your children get to work!

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The Good Samaritan Crossword Puzzle

By working a crossword puzzle, children learn key themes in Jesus’ parable of the good Samaritan.

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Wise Men Crossword Puzzle

This simple crossword about the story of the wise men helps children learn key themes in the story.

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Zacchaeus Crossword Puzzle

As children work a crossword puzzle in which the words highlight key themes in the story of Zacchaeus, they will learn that Jesus makes a huge difference in the life of anyone who receives Him warmly.

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