Word Line Up Bible Activities for Children

In a word line up, participants are given a series of words to unscramble. When they're properly unscrambled, another key word is revealed because specific letters are emphasized. The word line up activities below spotlight various Bible events and situations. Click on the title of an activity to be taken to a web page where you'll be able to download it.

Paul Taught Lydia About Jesus Word Line Up

Use this word line up puzzle to help your children become more familiar with the story of Paul’s sharing the good news about Jesus with Lydia. Because they will enjoy working this puzzle, they’ll be more interested in this important Bible story. You’ll have fun as well!

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The Story of the Forgiving King Word Line Up

Can your kids correctly unscramble all six of these words relating to the parable of the forgiving king? If they can, they will have discovered a seventh key word—and an important biblical principle.

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Joseph Told About Jesus Word Line Up

Sharpen your pencils and give your children a chance to unscramble these five words relating to Joseph’s dream and God’s instructions through an angel that Joseph marry Mary and name her child Jesus.

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Jesus Began the Church Word Line Up

What are some of the elements that were a part of the church’s beginning? This word line up activity highlights seven of them. Break out the pencils!

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John Wrote About Heaven Word Line Up

Correctly unscramble the six words in this word line up exercise and you’ll uncover a seventh key word. This is a fun and challenging Bible activity that will help kids remember key elements of John’s vision of heaven in the book of Revelation.

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Gabriel Told About Jesus Word Line Up

Can you unscramble all the words in this word line up that highlights elements of Gabriel’s visit to Mary? If not, you might want to ask your children to help you. Answers are provided, but if you work together, you might not have to look at them!

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Jesus Fed the People Word Line Up

This word line up puzzle is a Bible activity for children that highlights 10 elements of Jesus’ miraculous feeding of the 5,000. Then an eleventh element is highlighted once the 10 words are unscrambled. This element is perhaps one of the most important elements involved in the entire miracle: compassion!

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Mary and Martha Word Line Up

This Bible activity for children highlights nine elements of Jesus’ interaction with Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. It also emphasizes an important lesson presented in this true account in Luke’s Gospel.

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God Saved Peter Word Line Up

Encourage your children to unscramble these six words in this word line up puzzle. When they do, their work will reveal another key word. This is great fun!

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