Word Scramble Bible Activities for Children

Word scramble puzzles really are word unscramble puzzles. The word scramble activities below highlight various Bible events and situations. Click on the title of an activity to be taken to a web page where you'll be able to download it.

Jesus and the Children Word Scramble

What are some key truths in the story of Jesus and the children in Mark 10:13-16? To answer this question, you likely will need to use many if not all of the words in this word scramble puzzle. Download this puzzle and see if that isn’t right!

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Word Scramble

Why is Jesus special? Yes, even the winds and the waves obey Him! This truth is an important part of this word scramble puzzle. Once your kids work out this puzzle they will understand Jesus better.

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Jesus Healed a Royal Official’s Son Word Scramble

Let your kids unscramble these seven words relating to Jesus’ miracle of healing a royal official’s son. What a great activity to help them remember some of the important details of this New Testament event!

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God Spoke to Moses Word Scramble

Your kids will have great fun unscrambling these words relating to Moses’ encounter with God at the burning bush. They’ll also have the opportunity to unscramble an important phrase about God’s promise to Moses. It’s a great Bible activity.

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Abraham Had a Son Word Scramble

Let your kids work this word scramble puzzle on God’s keeping His promise to Abraham, and they’ll be confronted with a wonderful biblical truth: “For with God nothing is impossible!”

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Abraham Shared with Lot Word Scramble

Give your kids a chance to work this fun and interesting word scramble puzzle about Abraham and Lot!

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Joseph’s Special Coat Word Scramble

Unscrambling words is challenging and fun, and unscrambling words related to the story of Joseph and his special coat will enhance biblical literacy! No, I’m not kidding!

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God Sent a Great Flood Word Scramble

Working to unscramble words is both challenging and fun, and when the theme of the exercise is the story of Noah and the flood, those doing the exercise spend more time with the details of the Bible story. Sharpen your pencils, this is a wonderful Bible exercise!

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God Made the Plants Hidden Letters

Beautiful! That word describes this picture in which key letters are dispersed throughout. Find them all and arrange them in proper order, and you’ll be reminded of an important Bible truth.

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