Word Tile Activities

With word tile puzzles, kids work to place tiles (paper squares) with certain letters in the proper order so they convey a selected Bible phrase or a sentence. These free, printable word tile activities are great for even beginning readers. The word tile activities below highlight various Bible stories and truths appropriate for children.

The Story of the Forgiving King Word Tiles

This word tiles activity emphasizes a fitting point of application in light of the story of the forgiving king in Matthew 18:21-35: God wants me to forgive others.

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Jesus Healed a Woman with a Crooked Back Word Tiles

This word tiles Bible activity helps kids understand an important Bible truth: “Jesus has the power to heal people.”

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People in the Church Loved One Another Word Tiles

“God wants me to love others.” This word tiles exercise drives home this important point. Give your children a chance to do this fun Bible activity!

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Joseph Told About Jesus Word Tiles

Let your children have fun putting these word tiles together. They’ll be reminded about the important message the angel gave Joseph in a dream. Having had the dream, Joseph now knew to marry Mary. He also knew to name Mary’s baby Jesus.

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Jesus and the Children Word Tiles

Give your children a chance to work this word tiles puzzle. They’ll be reminded of a very important truth about Jesus—and about themselves.

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The Story of God’s Care for Us Word Tiles

Give your children a chance to put together this word tiles puzzle. It will help them think about the truth that since God takes care of animals and plants, He certainly will take care of people—including them. We don’t need to worry; we can trust God!

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John Wrote About Heaven Word Tiles

John 14:2 is a verse that gives believers real hope for the future—and this word tiles Bible exercise will give your children opportunities to read and remember Jesus’ promise in that verse. What did Jesus say He was going to do? “I go to prepare a place for you.”

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Gabriel Told About Jesus Word Tiles

This word tiles exercise gives the “bottom line” of Gabriel’s visit to Mary. “Mary will be the mother of Jesus.” This was an important message, not just for Mary, but for everyone today as well. God’s Son was coming into the world! Mary would be his mother, but His Father was God!

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Paul’s Letter to Timothy Word Tiles

This word tiles puzzle is a Bible activity that reminds children that Paul had remained faithful to Christ throughout his ministry.

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