Word Tile Activities

With word tile puzzles, kids work to place tiles (paper squares) with certain letters in the proper order so they convey a selected Bible phrase or a sentence. These free, printable word tile activities are great for even beginning readers. The word tile activities below highlight various Bible stories and truths appropriate for children.

Prophets Told About God’s Son Word Tiles

“God’s Son will be born in Bethlehem.” Micah wasn’t quite this explicit, but, inspired by God’s Holy Spirit, he foretold this very event. Your children will love these word tiles and have great fun putting them in the proper order.

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People Honored Jesus Word Tiles

This Palm Sunday word tile activity is both fun and memorable. What did the people shout as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey? This exercise provides the answer and will help kids learn that Jesus is worthy of worship and like no other!

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Jesus Walked on Water Word Tiles

This word tiles Bible activity for children helps kids understand that Jesus really did walk on water. Jesus really was—and is—God!

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Jesus Healed the Paralytic Word Tiles

Word tiles give kids an opportunity to learn important phrases that convey Bible truths. This one is no exception. In this Bible activity for preschoolers, young children will learn that “Jesus healed bodies and souls.”

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Word Tiles

This word tiles puzzle gives children the opportunity to place tiles in the proper order to spell a sentence. The sentence featured here conveys an important lesson: Jesus is no ordinary man!

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The Prodigal Son Word Tiles

These word tiles, properly placed, communicate an important truth highlighted in Jesus’ parable of the lost son: “The Father forgave his son.” God will forgive us as well when we come to him and are sorry for our sins. Use this activity to help your children learn about God’s love and forgiveness.

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Peter in Prison Word Tiles

Young readers will have a great deal of fun working this word tile puzzle. They will place nine tiles in the proper order to spell a clear sentence that conveys how the apostle Peter escaped from jail.

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