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Decreasing time and attention spans are driving the conscientious children’s Bible teacher to be more deliberate and more creative, but that can be a good thing. Teaching the Bible to any age group is an awesome responsibility before the Lord. That alone should make us want to be the best we can be. We should be diligent and deliberate as we prepare to teach the Bible to kids.

Part of our preparation involves the use of different resources. Depending on the age of your children and your level of experience, you may need things from any of the categories below to help you be your best.

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Get Organized

“Where did I put those jigsaw puzzles?” “Has anyone seen the five boxes of crayons I left sitting out?”

Preparing to teach is simply easier when you’re organized. Organization frees you to spend more time preparing and less time searching. This Amazon page will help you find everything from desk organizers to binders and drawer trays.

Involve the Kids

Children learn best by doing. Get them involved in the lesson with hands-on crafts and activities that use paper, glue, crayons, markerspaints, scissors, yarnchenille stems, pom poms, etc.

These are just a few of the kinds of basic art and craft supplies you’ll want to keep handy as you prepare to teach and readily available when it’s time for class so you’re not hunting when you should be teaching!

Help Them See It

Not every child is a visual learner, but we all learn by seeing to some degree. Bible lessons should include things that help kids see the context for what is being taught.

Simple visual aids might include marker boards (every classroom should have one), poster-size post-its or tear sheets, Bible maps (or a good Bible atlas), a world globe, and Bible illustrations of the stories being taught.

Let Them Enjoy It

Smaller children especially need the opportunity to play as part of the learning experience. Short attention spans require regular breaks, but for children, even play time is learning time.

Carefully selected toys can become valuable teaching tools when teachers prepare well and children are guided appropriately. Consider letting kids play with an inflatable globe, Bible puzzles, Bible board games, or Bible play sets.

Wear It and Share It

Lots of companies today are providing clothing items that can affirm important Bible truths as well as remind kids of their spiritual heritage and what Jesus has done for them.

If you’re a parent buying clothing for your child (and what parent isn’t), there are lots of options for t-shirts, jewelry, and other wearables that will support the teaching you’re doing.

Take the Lesson Home

Our homes should reflect our faith and the basic things we want our kids to learn. What’s on your walls and on your books shelves? How about the walls in your child’s bedroom?

It’s not difficult these days to find beautiful home decor items and rich children’s books or other media that will remind your kids, your family as a whole, and guests that Jesus is loved in this home.

Give Them the Word (Literally)

Many children don’t have their own Bible, but giving a child a Bible they can call their own may be one of the most significant things you ever do as a kid’s Bible teacher, and finding good Bibles for kids is not difficult. Providing Bibles for each child can get expensive fast, so you may want to ask your church to make the purchase.

Rather than giving a Bible, you may want simply to have Bibles in the class that are available for use while kids are there. This can be a less expensive option but still gives the children the opportunity to handle a Bible as part of the session.

Clearly, there’s no shortage of resources out there that can help you teach your kids the Bible. We hope the above lists will help you!

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