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Final Logo 268 X 91Seven Interactive, LLC is a small, privately-owned publishing company and church resource provider. Our mission is to help the church teach His story to successive generations. To that end, Seven Interactive owns and operates several brands that include web sites and book publishing brands. See below for a list of these brands.

Because we are small with limited resources, we must make efficient use of our brands to leverage them for the sake of the business. That’s why this page is actually on Sunday School Zone is our largest web site and offers our company the greatest possible exposure.


Rick CroppedSeven Interactive is wholly-owned by Rick Edwards, a Christian publishing professional and minister who is committed to helping the church teach His story to successive generations. He is an author, preacher, and Christian educator. To learn more about Rick, visit his personal web site at Rick owns the business, but he is assisted by a number of capable individuals who do a variety of tasks. You can also connect with Rick on LinkedIn.


Here’s a list of the brands owned or operated by Seven Interactive.

Sunday School Zone – provides free, printable, children’s Bible activities for use at home, church, and school. The site has over 1,000 free activities on it, but also features a regular blog and information about God’s Unfolding Story curriculum.

God’s Unfolding Story – Seven Interactive works with some very capable kid’s ministers and curriculum developers to produce God’s Unfolding Story curriculum. We currently offer only material for older preschoolers, but other age groups are being planned. You can learn more about God’s Unfolding Story here.

Seven Interactive Academic – Seven Interactive Academic publishes books for pastors, professors, and studious lay people with biblical commentary, biblical and theological dialog, and themes related to Christian education and discipleship.

The Interactive Life of Jesus – The Interactive life of Jesus is an interactive web site on the life and ministry of Jesus. The site is intended to help the user develop an understanding of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. It is organized to help the user learn the flow of His life as recorded in the Gospels of the New Testament.

Interested in Contributing?

If you’re interested in submitting content for any of our brands or would like to submit a book proposal, please email Rick or drop a proposal in the mail at…

Seven Interactive
427 Rome Pike
Lebanon, TN  37087





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