Matthew 8

The activities listed below are related to events, teachings, stories, or people found in Matthew 8.

Even the Winds and the Sea Obey Him Scripture Page

Jesus is Lord over all things, even creation. This scripture poster provides an important reminder of this truth taken from Matthew 8:27.

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Word Scramble

Why is Jesus special? Yes, even the winds and the waves obey Him! This truth is an important part of this word scramble puzzle. Once your kids work out this puzzle they will understand Jesus better.

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Spot the Differences

On a boat on a stormy sea, Jesus was sleeping. These two pictures showing Him sleeping are different in at least 16 ways. Can your kids find all 16?

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Secret Code

What were some of the key elements surrounding the miracle Jesus performed when He calmed the storm? This secret code puzzle not only highlights six such elements; it also points to a core Biblical teaching. Sharpen your pencils!

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Hidden Fish

There are ten fish hidden in various places in this picture of Jesus sleeping in the boat that’s being tossed about. How many can your kids find?

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Jesus Is God’s Son Bookmarks

Give each of your children a bookmark, and each one will have a vivid reminder that Jesus’ miracles proved He was God’s Son.

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Word Tiles

This word tiles puzzle gives children the opportunity to place tiles in the proper order to spell a sentence. The sentence featured here conveys an important lesson: Jesus is no ordinary man!

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Crossword Puzzle

This crossword puzzle highlights ten elements of the event that took place in Luke 8:22-25. Jesus calmed a violent storm with mere words. Jesus certainly was no mere man! He was and is God!

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Jesus Calmed the Storm Connect the Dots

Give your children an opportunity to connect the dots numbered 1–84 in this picture. It’s a great exercise, and a great reminder that we need to place our faith in Jesus in every situation we face.

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